miércoles, 7 de julio de 2021


Yesterday, I had a chat with my friend Pedro.

Á: I don't see the difference between affirming that God exists and denying it. Nobody knows really.

P: Nah, I know.

Á: (smirks) Oh, really?

P: Yup.

Á: And?

P: It does.

Á: ...?

P: It's me.

Á: (laughs) I see...

P: No, really, I am God. I have something inside me that produces life. I can alter my surroundings. I create stuff that didn't exist before. I can create life! What else do you understand by "God"?

Á: (smokes slowly) You mean I'm God too?

P: Sure.

Á: Cool.

We're all God.

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