sábado, 23 de mayo de 2020

El método científico

Hello. My name is Ángela and I'm not a photographer. Or an artist. Or whatever people call me.

If I was a fruit salad, photography would be the watermelon.


I've been drawing my work colleagues for a few weeks now. I'm not very happy with my drawing skills but I like doing it, and that's all that matters 99% of the time if you ask me.

Self portraits are more difficult than regular portraits. They are also more complete I think. When you portray someone you always leave something from you in the result. When you portray yourself the cycle wraps. Doesn't mean the result will be better, but it will surely be more interesting. If we're talking about an honest portrait that is.


When I was a child and I first heard a teacher explaining the "scientific method" it felt obvious. I thought.. Is there any other way to do things?

Turns out there are. And I don't understand any of them. However, in my job that way is not only valid, but necessary.

If I was a fruit salad, my job would be the plate.

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