viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2018

El camino correcto

The day I met him, a friend introduced him to me saying.. He's a musician, he played with one of your favourite bands!

Over a year later, he confessed that wasn't true. He had had the opportunity to play with them but lost it last minute and he had been telling himself and others that he had played, instead of facing the painful truth and the feeling of failure.

I didn't think less of him when I found out, I felt happy that he was being honest and hugged him. That's what I did, I overlooked the constant lies. Found an excuse for them, one by one.

And months later, when he made the decision to leave without talking to me, without facing the problem.. I was surprised!! I see now that he was not the only one lying to himself.

Life definitely has a sense of humour when teaching us about ourselves, but sometimes it takes a while to get it!

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