viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2018

Breakup ethics

In our mental scheme, in order for a relationship to be worthy, it has to last forever. It doesn't need to be deep or honest, just as long as life is.

So once it's broken, everything else around it breaks too. The communication, the promises, the respect. This mindset is so destructive that doesn't let us see or feel anything else.

The priority then is to forget (and eventually replace) the relationship and the person we had it with. As soon as possible. To achieve this, we can lie to ourselves and others, and we can be as cold or mean as we want.

After all, the relationship was based on the condition of being eternal and saving us from emptiness, and once that's gone, we don't have any reason to be a good person anymore.

Everything is allowed.

But imagine a world where relationships are worthy even if they are short. Where people are worthy no matter how our relationship with them went.

In that world, we would evolve to get to know ourselves better, sometimes next to others, sometimes alone. Then we would appreciate and understand what happens during a breakup and we would see more clearly which promises must be kept.

Because, ah.. some promises.. should always be kept.

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